Are You Man Enough?

29th April The Shay Stadium 1.30 – 4.30

What a fantastic day we all had at the Shay Stadium, we had at least 200 people 159 of whom were men. The event was run by Calderdale Council and organised mostly by Brian Michelle of workforce development.  The event was part of Calderdale Councils initiative to do more work with the White Ribbon Campaign and was specifically designed for their colleagues.

We had several presentations including a very moving account of one women’s living experience of domestic violence. Many of us were reduced to quiet contemplation by the description of her life.

DCI Oldham of West Yorkshire Police gave an account of the rates of DV incidents in Calderdale , in the last 12 months alone there were 3700 incidents that were linked to DV. He also told us the although there are great services for women there is very little for men and nothing that would be useful for perpetrators. There is now a dedicated officer who deals exclusively with DV incidents, which is a step in the right direction. The afternoon was a very moving time but we did break this with a dance routine.

We were shown a video from Grease, great fun it was, we all sat talking about how old the film was having a great time . Then Brian Michelle announced that there was a purpose to showing the film. All the men were then told that they were going out onto the stand and dancing. Well a collective “What dance” went up and a resounding “Yes” came from Brian,”It’ll be fun” he said.   And here it is and it was terrific fun.

159 Men Dancing At the Shay To End Violence Against Women


These are just a few of the comments that came after the event:

This response from and lady after hearing about her colleagues difficult relationship:

I came over to you at the end of the event yesterday but was a bit emotional so didn’t say much!  I just wanted to say how brave that was, it brought back a lot of memories for me from a previous, unhappy, relationship, and I’m not sure that even after 10 years I could have done what you did yesterday. You are an amazing, strong woman and should be so proud of everything you’ve achieved. You are an inspiration


Here a series of texts from some in the room:


‘a really good afternoon and incredibly emotional’

‘a subject I never really gave much thought to, my reactions to people I love, clearly I need to from now on’

‘great event and really thought provoking’

‘ I hate dancing, how did that happen and just for the record I would do it again and again to get the message out there’

‘what just happened? – did we really just do that – what a brilliant way to get people thinking’


All names withheld 

As you can see a really passionate and fine afternoon.


The Shay












Blog posted by Joan Taylor April 30 2014


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